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Lake Eyre, in the far north of the state: the dry salt pan where Donald Campbell broke the land speed record in his Bluebird on 17th July 1964, reaching a speed of 648 kilometres per hour.

The Eyre Peninsula, to the south-west of Adelaide, has over 2000 km of spectacular coastline to explore. Many small townships, camping areas, surfing beaches and whale-watching opportunities await the traveller.

Mt Gambier, a beautiful old town of dolomite and limestone buildings dominated by volcanic hills, the craters of which hold the city’s water supply. Mt Gambier has stunning landscaped gardens, and the famous Umpherston Sinkhole where possums come to feed at night.

Coober Pedy, Andamooka and Mintabie: South Australia’s three major opal-mining areas. Australia produces around 95% of the world’s opals, and of the various types, SA is known for its production of white or milky opals. These desert towns survive on opal production, for the low rainfall and poor soils make agriculture impossible. At Coober Pedy, which comes from the Aboriginal words for ‘white man’s burrow’, the inhabitants have for generations lived and worked underground, where air temperature is more stable and there is escape from the ubiquitous red dust.

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